There are usually two options for nominating how your super benefit should be paid upon your death: a non-binding and a binding nomination.

Non-binding nomination

Your death benefit (which is your account balance plus any insurance benefits) will be paid to your dependents and/or a legal representative as decided by the Trustee. You can notify the Trustee who you’d prefer the benefit is paid to by completing a Nomination of Beneficiary form. However, a Non-Binding Nomination is not binding on the Trustee.

Binding nomination

If you complete a Binding Nomination of Beneficiaries form, the Trustee must pay benefits to the beneficiaries specified by you in the form. A Binding Nomination of Beneficiary expires after three years.

If you nominate a person who is not a dependent, or the amount nominated for dependents does not add up to 100% of the benefit, or the nomination has expired, the nomination will be invalid.

More information about nominating beneficiaries can be found here.