Your Emplus account gives you a range of investment options. You can choose how to invest your super or choose our default option and have your account invested in the AMG MySuper Investment Option.

We offer you two styles of investment:

  • diversified options – assets spread across a number of investment sectors, and
  • sector options – where you control your exposure to specific asset sectors.

You can choose any combination and number of investment options, and invest any amount of money in each.

Options and choices

We know not everyone is comfortable making decisions about investments, and so we’ve tailored an investment strategy that changes as you get older. If you nominate the m+LifeStages strategy, your account is invested in the relevant age-based option.

You can also change investment strategies at any time (subject to normal withdrawal and application procedures), and we don’t charge a fee to switch.

Investment professionals

Your superannuation investment is in good hands as our investment professionals choose managers with specific expertise. We work with our asset consultant to review and select the best investment managers for each of your options.